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AYACC 2013 International Cartoon and Animation Contest

Dear Artists,Greetings.
Welcome to participation the AYACC 2013 International Cartoon and Animation Contest.
We welcome all the artists to join in. To internationalize the contest, it is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
Besides, the subject of the contest has been adjusted a little: we added the subject of “Merry Christmas”. Welcome your works of this subject. New works and old works are acceptable.
Wish good result to all the artists.
Best regards.

Competition is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
Theme:  (1) Merry Christmas
        (2) Free Theme  (My Choise) 
AYACC 2013 International Cartoon and Animation Contest
Still image work (Cartoon \ Comics \ illustration \ Caricature) & Animation section
Host Units:
Government of Guiyang City
Red Man International Art Center
The competition is open to authors all over the world.
1)  AYACC Contest is authorized by the Culture Industry Development Dept. of Culture Ministry of China and Guiyang government.
2)Theme: (1) Merry Christmas (2) Free Theme  (My Choise)
3)Size and Format
Only the digital works will be accepted. 
The entries should be A4( 21cmX29.7cm),300dpi,Jpeg format.
Please sent your works to:  ( All works of Animation can be sent to the following address)
  ayacc2013@126.com  ;  ayacc2013@163.com
A)The authors may submit multiple works, there are no limited of entry number.
B)Works awarded in other contests can be submitted.
C)Entry form is not required. But entries must be accompanied by author's full name, address, telephone (or fax) and email,and author’s resume.
5)Award and Prizes
A. Cartoon:
Best Cartoon (1)---------------------------8000RMB and Certificate
Excenllent cartoons (2)---------------------------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
B. Comic :
Best Comics(1)---------------------------10000RMB and Certificate
Excenllent Comics (2)--------------------------- 2000RMB and Certificate (each)
C. Illustration:
Best Illustration(1)---------------------------8000RMB and Certificate
Excenllent Illustration(2)---------------------------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
Honorable mention(100)---------------------------Certificate
D) Animation:
The best Animated short film(1) ------------------------20000RMB and Certificate
The nomination of the best Animated short film(2) ------2000RMB and Certificate (each)
The best Animation director(1) ------------------------ 10000RMB and Certificat
The best Animated writers(1) -------------------------- 10000RMB and Certificat
Other honors
The organizing committee will inform all nominated prize winners the results of the contest before the awarding ceremony.
The organizing committee will invite ONE representative from each award to be present at the awarding ceremony and provide the invitees the transportation tickets and accommodations during the time of the awarding ceremony.
All selected authors will get a catalog published by organizer.
Entry Deadline:  November 10, 2013
The panel of judges will be include famous national and international cartoonists and comic artists.
9)Awarding Ceremony
The Awarding Ceremony will be held on November 22, 2013, in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.
The organizing committee reserves all rights for final explanation.
11)The Right to Utilize the Work
For the sole purpose of publicizing the Award and the future AYACC or similar award(s) organized by the Organizer, the Organizer shall have the right, without notice to the applicant, to utilize the Work in whole or in part by means of broadcast (regardless of media), online transmission (including but not limited to the internet and mobile communications), exhibition, and distribution (e.g. in the form of a videogram) free of any payment to the applicant.
12)Contact Information
If you have any questions please contact with us directly: 
ayacc2013@126.com  ;  ayacc2013@163.com

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